Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comminicate or regret...

Communication is something I have stressed many times on this blog. It's vital to the success of any relationship. Whether it‘s with your lover, friends, family or children. Its importance is greater than you realize. Think you're not a talker? There is no such thing as a non talker, unless you're mute. Even being mute is not an excuse to not communicate. It's more than just using words, it's a two sided process in which feelings, ideas and thoughts are exchanged in a verbal or non verbal way. Words are not the only way to communicate. We do this every day thru emails, text, blogs, telephones, body language, gestures and so on and so forth. A baby has no problem communicating its needs. If a baby is hunger, you know, if it's wet, you know and if it's in pain, it is going to make sure that you know. So what's your reason for not getting you needs met? Communication is the backbone of any relationship and without your relationships will not be successful.
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