Saturday, June 6, 2009

The two headed monster

The other day two very different friends of mine ask my opinion on a similar situation they were having in their relationships. The problem was, their other half started a silly fight and as far as they are concerned, about things that isn’t even worth quarrelling about. The BIGGER problem is when I asked did you try not arguing since you said you weren’t wrong. “No, I’m tried of backing down. I’m always the one doing it. I’m not wrong, he started it first.” So I’m going to tell you what I told them.

What do two heads create? Two heads create a monster. Now whether you think that’s biblical or logical it still creates a two headed monster. There can never be two heads in a relationship, and that is the problem. It has been said that men are the head and women are the neck that turns the head. A lot of strong women don’t know how to submit. I don’t like that word either, but it’s not as it seems. Submitting doesn’t mean doing everything that a man tells you to do, but letting him be a man. You are wondering where all the real men are? Well let me tell you. Women are becoming more aggressive towards men and this is causing men to back down and be more submissive. If you think this is a good thing, think again. Men will back down because they don’t like arguing, but what happens to an animal when it feels it's backed in a corner?

The next time your hubby starts a silly argument, DO NOT participate. If he is wrong he will come to you to makeup. When he does, let him talk, listen to everything he has to say before saying anything. When he is done, you need to tell him in the calmest way how you feel. Tell him that you don’t what to keep doing this. Make a list if needs be in preparation for the talk. However, your biggest test will come the next time he starts a silly argument. Once you have decided that you are no longer going to participate in these little insignificant arguments. You have to remind him (I don’t mean all the time, only when needed) that you mean business and stick to it. The bottom line is a person , whether man, woman or child will only do what you allow them to get away with.

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