Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 topics couples fight about

Being prepared for the pitfalls in a relationship can help you work through them.

1. Timing togetherness: when and how often to see each other
2. Your level of commitment
3. Flirting with other people
4. Being late
5. Forgetting important dates (birthdays, anniversaries
6. Being faithful
7. Who spends how much money and on what
8. How you spend time (watching too much TV, going out with friends)
9. The amount or type of sex you have
10. Family (when and whom to visit, their disapproval, stepchildren

According to datingweb, here are ten topics couples fight about the most. If you’re fighting about these things, you probably need to consider working on your communication skills. Most of these are ground work topics that should be discussed in the dating period.

A common mistake that too many people make is jumping into relationships without doing the ground work. It is critical to the success of your relationship that you find out where the other person stands on most of these things before getting serious. If you thought you had this topic wrapped, but it seems things have changed. It’s time to have a chat with your boobie. Just like you would in The two head monster situation, try not to argue or accuse. Have a calm conversation about these changes and the things that you BOTH can do to improve on them. Yes, I did say BOTH, remember that a relationship takes two and by including yourself, you are showing support and that you aren’t just pointing the finger.

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