Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Too many butterflies?

So, there are many services out there offering to help find you the perfect match, but how do you know what the perfect match is without outside help? There is so much to take into consideration now a days when it comes to choosing a mate. What I have notice is that a lot of women think it's all about the butterflies, not realizing that this is just the honeymoon stage and it will past. While the honeymoon stage is important to most, be careful not to loose yourself. When we’re “madly in love” we have a tendency to forget about “me” always remember that your well being should be most important to you, especially on the early stage. I think it is important to evaluate your relationship every now and then. Do a check list if needs be and ask yourself a few questions to keep you grounded. Here are some examples:

How do I feel about this person?
How do I think the person feel about me?
Do I need to know what this person is doing all the time?
Do I spend too much time with this person? (To the point were everything you do have to involve this person.)

The purpose for evaluating your relationship is not to put up a guard, but to make sure you have some control. Another important key is communication. If you are not sure about what stage your relationship is at, ask him and follow your instinct. If you don't think he's being truthful, you are probably right. Most times men are not malicious unless provoked and most of them are not very good at communicating either, but if this is established early in your relationship it should become easier with time.
Remember there is no text book way to deal with relationships, but following your instinct over your feels will prevent a lot of heartache in the long run. If you and your mate establish good communication it won’t be difficult to tell when you’re being lied to.

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