Monday, April 27, 2009

Business or pleasure

Relationships take hard work. You probably heard this before, but it is true, anything worth having takes hard work and dedication. In order for your relationship to be successful both persons has to be on the same page. You can’t be hearing wedding bells and he’s thinking that you’re “just kicking it”. I come back to this and probably will a lot, communication, communication and communication. Think of your relationship as a business, you and your partner should have regular meetings to discuss the direction of your” business”. Discusses should include goals setting, plans to accomplish these goals and it’s always a good idea to evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. Have you heard of a successful business without structure? I’m sure there’s none.

Speaking from experience, communication has helped me and my husband a lot. Have you ever been upset with your spouse about something and you swear that they know exactly what is wrong with you, but they are just ignoring you? Ladies, you know what I’m taking about, that I’m mad that you can’t read my mind attitude. Okay, maybe that’s not what you want to say, but that’s what your other half is thinking. For the most part, none of us are mind reads and we shouldn’t assume that our partners are. If you what your partner to know what you are feeling. Tell them, and then you will see their true reaction.

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