Friday, October 9, 2009

Can I just say... You are beautiful

I faintly hear the alarm… it buzzed almost angrily. I came to... and realized, it was morning and time to start a new day. I could barely make out the entrance, as I stumble into the bathroom. At the entrance of the door, the mirror confronts me, as it have every morning for the last two or so years. Again...I greeted it with the hope of seeing some improvement, more so in the past four months than before. An improvement I needed to feel better, to feel… “Normal”. I've had this need... so many times in my short life. I needed I don't have to explain my moodiness. Maybe...just maybe, there will be no more relapse. Today though, it was different. The person I saw in the mirror...was different. I saw the flaws… they were there...the dark spots, the chubby face, and...., but they weren’t there, they weren’t…important. I was some what stunned, because the person I saw, looking me straight in the eyes, almost looking beyond me and into my soul… was beautiful.

If you have ups and downs in your personal life, so will your relationship. The more you can keep your personal battles in check... the less you will have on your mind and the more prepared you will be, to handle the issues in your relationship .

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