Saturday, October 3, 2009

Be ready for change

Like I’ve said before, I’m no relationship expert. However, I do know what works for not only mine, but countless other successful relationship. I wish I could tell you that my suggestions are 100% fail proof, but that would be a lie. The reality is nothing is fail proof. Except for conception (I think) and that's in the hands of the creator, not ours. So it’s important to have the right formula, to achieve the right results. First, make sure you are really ready for this. Make sure (but not egocentric) that you are the best catch that you can be. Next, you AND your partner needs to be on the same page. By that I mean, both of you wants this to work and you are both will and able to make the necessary changes. It is also important to stick to these AGREED changes. No one is perfect, so there has to be some room for relapse. If it can be accomplished without relapse, the better. The next step is to communicate, communicate and communicate. And final, just do it. Forget about the past (do not focus on it) and just do it. Nothing is going to change, if you’ve done nothing to change it.

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